Wounded Knee District School
Foundation Inc.

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Anpetu wast'e! can'te wasteya nap'e ciyuzape,
(Greetings! I greet you with a warm handshake and a smile,)

It has been quite some time since there has been correspondence between us in reguards to "Wounded Knee District School Foundation, Inc." 2012 to be exact when it phased out. There has not been much change since then. Our Non-Profit Organization, "The Foundation" purpose still remains as it did since it was founded in 1994.

The Non-Profit Corporation is Wounded Knee District School Foundation, Inc. As mentioned, it was founded in 1994 as is located on the Pine Ridge Inidian Reservation in Manderson, South Dakota. The corporation is exclusivly organized and operated for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes. It focuses special attention and assistance for the educational, charitable, and fraternal needs of the students and families at Wounded Knee District School and Wounded Knee District which is also located on th Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

We are currently working on "rejuvenating" our non-profit corporation as the needs of our students, families, and community are in high need due to our high unemplyoment and violence rate on the Pine Ridge Reservation, the COVID-19 Pandemic and other various negative factors. We value the contributions that you have made to our Non-Profit Organization in the past and we are looking forward to a more promising and positive future with your help to our corporation.

We value the education and the needs of our students and realize that many of their needs cannot be met at times. But with your support, we hope we both can help fill the gap of their basic needs such as: clothing, coats, toiletries, school supplies, household supplies, and any educational/cultural related activites and/or events. We look forward to hearing back from you and re-connecting so that we may both help the students at Wounded Knee District School.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Principal, Monica Whirlwind Horse or our Consultant, Valentina Makes Him First at (605) 867-4350. Or by email at Monica.WhirlwindHorse@k12.sd.us or Valentina.MakesHimFirst@k12.sd.us

Wopila Tanka!
(Thank you!)
Below you will find the "Wounded Knee District School Foundation Inc." Paypal link, or scan the QR code if you would like to make a monetary contribution.
All monies donated to our Paypal will directly go towards improving the lives of our students and community.